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Zone for investment

Presentation of town Handlová

Geographic, social and economic surroundings of the Handlová microregion

- location the microregion Handlová - the part of the Middle Slovakia within an area called Upper Nitra

The town Handlová
- the second largest town of the Upper Nitra Region with over 18 000 inhabitans
- the centre of living, employment and commercial services administratively,the town falls under Prievidza District and Trenčín region

Economic and social structure

- economy of the town is strongly specialized in mining and power production.

 Important enterprises :

Baňa Handlová                          800 employees

Energy sector
Handlovská energetika s.r.o     90 employees

GeWiS Slovakia s.r.o.                410 employees
Cab Tech s.r.o.                            70 employees German investors - 100 % share

Kovo-team s.r.o.- production of stationary bicycles 

                                                     50 employees

Textile cloth and shoes  making
RIALTO  s.r.o.                              200 emlpyees
HANTEX s.r.o.                                47 employees

Chemical industry
Chemina s.r.o.                               13 employees
MAT obaly s.r.o.                            40 employees
Mlaď DLK                                       70 employees. German investors – 75% share at the     

                                                                               Company Mlaď

Servies, trade and banking sector employees about 580 persons.

School system

The region is able to provide enough qualified workforce thanks to the existing network of secondary schools with a long tradition

The town hosts :
a secondary technical school and a vocational school - specializing in electronics, engineering and different services.
- a grammar school and a Technical High school - preparing students for university studies
- a Commercial Academy - providing economic education

Each year, about 300 students complete their studies at these schools and are ready to start their professional lives .

The social and medical services - the Local hospital, social institutions


The major problems and needs of Handlová microregion

the problems
- monostructural character of industrial base
- gradual mining of the coal reserves with the following reduction of job opportunities
- an absence of substitute making programmes
- long-term high rate of unemployment - graph
- the deficiency of information about the possibility of achievment thegrants, endowments, foreign funds
the needs
- production diversification
- retrieval of new making programmes and markets
- an increase in entrepreneurial activities

The chances of development of Handlová microregion

Offer of useful regional potential:

- sufficiently large qualified labor power in view of the level of unemployment and sufficient of graduates aimed for various proffessions

Number of unemployed :
1400 out of which 40 % aged below 29 years and 47 % betwen 30 -49 years of age

According to education :
40 % with completed training as engineers, mechanics, bricklayers..and proffessions in the sphere of various services
25 % have a complete secondary education, mostly with technical specialization;economic and secretary education has also a huge potential


Reasons to invest

- active approach of the town towards new entrepreneurial activities
- obliging approach towards potential investors
- presence of foreign investors
- available land for development of an industrial park
- large pool of qualified workforce
- favourable conditions for development of tourism and leisure industry

The town has all the potential required to become a modern and dynamic town able to actively participate in new entrepreneurial activities, which ,we hope, will develop in our town with the help of foreign investors.



Ing. Rudolf Podoba, mayor
Home page :
E-mail :
Telephone : 00421465192535
Fax : 00421465192534


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