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Handlová - town of opportunities

ObrázokThe Handlová micro-region lies in the Middle of Slovakia, about ten kilometres away from the geometrical centre of Europe and is surrounded by the Vtáčnik, Žiar and Kremnica Mountains. The natural conditions are very favourable for development of tourism and leisure industry. Bojnice castle, one of the most beautiful and most frequently visited place in central Europe, well-known the Spa Bojnice, mountain recreational centre Remata - all these attractions are located nearby Handlová.

The population is concentrated in the town Handlová, which is also the centre of employment and infarastructure. Once an agricultural village, Handlová became a town thanks to lignite mining. Today, the town with an area of 8 555 ha and population of 18 025 ranks as the secong largest town of he Upper Nitra region.


dnes je: 18.10.2019

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